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  About the Conference

LDP 2017 brings together great minds to transact knowledge and to give fascinating insights into past and current practices in the areas of language,discourse,and pragmatics. The attendants will hopefully have excellent opportunities to meet colleagues from around different parts of the world. LDP2015 has been a collective enterprise in which many people have made an imprint,and I remain indebted to all of them. I would like to extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude to all the organizations and individuals for their support in making this conference a reality. My special thanks go to all of you—both participants and contributors—hoping that you will enjoy the event and share your own experiences. Finally,my appreciation goes to the organizing committee for their helping hands that have seen me through all the developing stages of the conference and for their commitment in making this conference a success.


Conference Chair: Prof. Alireza Jalilifar

  Conference Topics

The Conference encourages submission on the following areas:

  • Discourse and society/discourse communities
  • Language,context,and discourse
  • Politeness
  • Written and spoken genres across cultures
  • Applications of genre analysis
  • Conversation analysis
  • Corpus approaches to discourse analysis
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Discourse analysis and language teaching
  • Discourse and engagemen
  • Appraisal strategies
  • Language and cultural studies
  • Language autonomy
  • Politics of language use
  • Stylistics
  • Systemic functional linguistics and language education
  • The discourse of SLA
  • Teacher-student discourse
  • Pragmatics of language teaching
  • Translation studies
Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz and Khuzestan English Language Teachers Association
Address :
Department of English Language & Literature,Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz,Khuzestan,Iran
Telephone :
(+98) (61) 33333903,+989163192901

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Fourth International Conference on
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